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Liquidation may either be compulsory (sometimes referred to as a creditors' liquidation) or voluntary (sometimes referred to as a shareholders' liquidation, although some voluntary liquidations are controlled by the creditors, see below).In addition, the term "liquidation" is sometimes used when a company wants to divest itself of some of its assets.To liquidate is to convert stocks or goods into cash by selling them, to finish business neatly, and to clear debts.

It can take account of personal relationships of mutual trust and confidence in small parties, particularly, for example, where there is a breach of an understanding that all of the members may participate in the business, Upon hearing the application, the court may either dismiss the petition, or make the order for winding-up.They have now started liquidating all their inventory in their 6 Charlotte-area stores.Today one of the employees told me that while deals may not be very good at this point (the signs say 10-30% off…electronics are 10% off, and furniture and appliances are 20% off, and I couldn’t find anything 30% off), I should wait until May 1st – he said that’s when the deals “will start getting good”.The company sells guns, hunting equipment, camping gear and other items for outdoor activities.As Gander Mountain locations close, it’s yet another reminder of the current climate in retail, where companies have competed with the growth of online shopping and customers flock to juggernauts like Amazon.

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The company also said on its website that it was acquired by Camping World Holdings Inc. Gander Mountain said that means it will continue to be a part of the “specialty outdoor market,” though it did not detail how that would happen.

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