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We continue to incur claims, liabilities and expenses (including professional fees, employee compensation, insurance, lease commitments and other expenses to conduct the wind-up of the Company's operations The amount or timing of any subsequent liquidating distribution will depend upon expenses incurred by us, the timing of the resolution of matters for which we have established reserves, the amount paid or to be paid in satisfaction of contingencies, our ability to monetize our remaining non-cash assets and the ultimate amount of proceeds realized thereon. These variables, many of which are not within the Company’s control, make it difficult or impossible for the Company to accurately predict the timing or amount of any subsequent distribution.The Company’s principal non-cash assets consist of its investment in FA Technology Ventures, L. The Company plans make additional distributions at such times as is deemed appropriate, depending upon facts and circumstances existing at the time.

As for Fitbit, its stock is trading at 52-week pay off as many creditors as possible, and at the end of the process, the business will be officially closed and no longer exist.The steps that a company must take will depend on what type of liquidation it is and whether the company moved willingly to be placed into liquidation or was forced into it by creditors.To provide our clients with the highest quality service obtained by knowledge, experience, integrity, and professional conduct. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and our regular buyers.

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