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A few years ago, I spent several hours people-watching in an outdoor café on the coast of the Italian Riviera.As the yachts pulled into the harbor, I saw a few well-heeled young women with fit bodies disembark on the arms of tanned, distinguished older men.This will help you take the relationship slowly but more steadily and surely into a zone of better mutual rapport and understanding.The depth of which will in turn make it easier for both of you to gauge not just each other’s intentions better, but also to discover the extent of your mutual compatibility levels, and a glimpse into the feasibility of a future with him.) mother, I probably would have given him fake digits digits instead. This dude was incredibly well-preserved and rolling with some friends who appeared to be about my age. And at that moment, it seemed appropriate to ask his age. His former priorities are in upheaval and he’s going through a second adolescence.There was no way I could have guessed how much older he was. So I did, and I got a mysterious answer: “Guess.” I guessed. He may be riddled with guilt about his poor life choices, or looking to re-live his youth by seeking the kind of comfort that only a gorgeous 20-something can offer.Greater confidence, a more developed personality, and a mature attitude to life are some of the obvious attributes that easily appeal to women.So why not be prepared with a few cards up your sleeve too, and shoot off some sharp arrows in case cupid strikes in the form of an older man?

Befriend The Boyfriend First The sensible thing to do starting out is to first develop an honest friendship with the older man you are dating.

Dating-Older-Men—Does-Age-Difference-Make-Any-Difference? &id=2861444) in which the author, Olga Le Fevre, asks whether age makes a difference or not when you are dating older men — that is a man who is older than you.

Amusingly, in the original article dating an older man is compared to wearing different types of shoes.

Let’s explore some potential advantages of taking a second look at the next older man who comes your way.

As a result of his age and life experiences, a mature man frequently has deeper clarity about what he wants in love and life.

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