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Almost every major Western publisher wants to extend its reach internationally through popular foreign messaging apps like Japan’s Line and China’s We Chat.But unlike many media companies that simply repurpose their English content on these two platforms, Huffington Post has two accounts on each: One is in English, and the other is in the local language.

For Hike and Line conversation history is not stored on the company's servers, hence there is no other way to retrieve your lost chats.ASIAN messaging apps LINE and We Chat are leading the market in terms of revenue through advertising, ahead of its Western counterparts.The two messaging services, from Japan and China, have enabled marketers to reach hundreds of millions of users by offering a host of customized services.This arrangement helps overcome language barriers, and, most important, it allows the publisher to cater to different reading preferences, according to John Zhou, China Editor for Huffington Post.For instance, its English subscribers on We Chat love reading stories around lifestyle, entertainment and Asian Americans, while Chinese readers prefer deep analysis on current events translated from Huffington Post’s 16 global editions, he said.

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I thought it would be interesting to break out a subset of my big list of social media and app user totals that focuses on these chat apps.

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