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Today, banks are increasingly using software to decide who will get a loan, courts to judge who should be denied bail, and hospitals to choose treatments for patients. Telemedicine can successfully deliver quality care, new findings from a nationwide program that links neurologists with patients with Parkinson's disease in their homes via video conferencing shows. Can you really use Outlook to make sure your office floor gets vacuumed? Engineers are developing an intelligent cleaning concept for smart offices. A new study analyzing the security hygiene of common, open-source DNA processing programs finds evidence of poor computer security practices used throughout the field. New efforts to combine artificial intelligence with crowdsourced annotators and information encoded in domain-specific resources have now been revealed by researchers. In the ever-changing context of communication networks, all roads converge towards the promise of 5G: higher data bandwidth, greater speed and lower latency. — When drug users go online for the first time to buy opioids, they aren't looking for the widest selection or the best prices for their illicit purchases, a new study suggests. — Tracking the Twitter updates of a random sample of 300,000 active users over the course of a month reveals that this particular corner of social media and social networking is not quite as equitable ...

— Despite the growth of social media, the internet and their central role in modern childhood, traditional bullying - such as name-calling or being excluded by others - remains considerably more common ...

/PRNewswire-i Reach/ -- Internet, a renowned PR firm and winner of True Wealth Magazine's Innovative Tech Firm of the Year Award, has decided to share some insight on how it is able to improve and maintain the online reputation of its clients with impressive consistency.

War stories What happens when you lose your trousers on the battlefield? Down with school Pink Floyd sang, "We don't need no education." Ivan Illich said, "We don't need no school." Here we look at one argument against school. The joy of laziness Why do people try to make us feel guilty if we don't spring out of bed at sunrise and start working? Here, Raed - the blogger from Baghdad - sets the record straight and speaks out against the madness. Some tips for those who might be considering a career in teaching. Spanking kids The debate about corporal punishment. Crazy Christians Ever heard of Christian fundamentalism?

— Playing a popular physically-interactive, smartphone based game, like Pokémon GO, may actually promote exercise, a new study has concluded.

The researchers suggest that while many smartphone ...

— Scientists have created unique atomic-scale ID's based on the irregularities found in 2-D materials like graphene.

On an atomic scale, quantum physics amplifies these irregularities, making it ...

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  1. In a sense, every romantic relationship you will ever have goes through a “high school” stage in the beginning, during which you’re just getting to know each other and it’s OK to find some unforgivable deal-breaker, and break up with caring, but without much else owed to the other person. The longer things go on, the more you will “owe” the other person.