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Alexandropoulou Eleni Alexiou Konstantinos Alexopoulos Nikolaos D. Alivizatou Maria Alkmini Artemi - Kourou Charoula Amfilochios K Matthaios Amourgianou Maria Ampatzi Konstantina Ampatzoglou Theodoros Ampelikotis G. Argyropoulos Dimosthenis Argyropoulou - Petraki Olympia V. Argyropoulou Pari - Gkioulistanis Dimitrios Argyroupoulos Th.

Argyri Sofia & Sia Oe Argyriou Evaggelos Argyris Xenofon E.

Questions are valued in sectors dependent on adaptation in response to changing conditions. It is shock learning that has established new programmes, new institutions, and the need for new kinds of information services crossing previous categories (e.g. With respect to both collective and individual learning, the challenge of how questions get framed or avoided is notably highlighted by the phenomenon of group think -- as exemplified by the handling of evidence in relation to weapons of mass destruction and terrorism (cf 2005) makes the vital distinction in relation to learning: "Challenging questions open people up to creative thinking.....

Leaders are expected to challenge the : moving others out of their "comfort zones"; creating a compelling vision; establishing stretch goals; asking challenging questions [more]. Challenging questions inspire people to action -- to bridge the gulf between possibility and reality.

This approach leads to a presentation of these forms as a set of interrelated conditions that point to a science of "spin" but also to a healthy framework within which the appropriateness of particular forms of question can be considered. , 1980), maintenance learning reinforces existing categories and paradigms, the disciplines to which they give rise, and the professional and institutional division of labour of which they are the basis.

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(2001) Evidence from gabbro of the Troodos Ophiolite for lateral magma transport along a slow-spreading mid-ocean ridge.

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