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I’m just not sure if I should tone it down because I feel like she’s getting annoyed with the amount of text in the messages and won’t tell me. Of course we ended up back together, because we love each other, despite all we've been through, we genuinely care about each other. I’ve not really got great experience in this department. I really like this guy I work with and there have been a few instances where I've crashed at his after work.

I really want to ask him out but I'm afraid he feels differently now, so my question is, do I just risk it and ask him out? Anonymous asked: I have been having feelings for this girl for awhile now, and its been driving me crazy, and I cannot get her off my mind. The 1st being that I dont feel like I am good enough for her (or anyone for that matter) that I can't be what she wants.

It would be great if you’d let me take you for a coffee or a drink some time.”Anyone who has the courage to do this in an age where Tinder is king should never be turned down, so despite my embarrassment we exchanged numbers and arranged to go for lunch.

Unfortunately the elusive spark I have high hopes for eventually finding failed to make an appearance, but he was interesting enough.

We met in real life (gasps from the front row), and had a few dates.

He seemed really keen, messaged me literally every day for 2 or 3 weeks and it all seemed to be going pretty well. I could spend time wondering why he bothered to message so frequently if he wasn’t interested, but there is literally nothing positive to be found by following that discourse.

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