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They like to enjoy their life by having party, meeting friends, and having fun.

I would say that most Australian women are easy to date with. You don’t have to treat her in an expensive restaurant but just take her to the beach and have fun.

The purpose was to offer myself up as the guinea pig for plus size daters and report back on my experiences worts and all.

I went through all the options dating had to offer including Tinder, speed dating, mixers, activity-based dating, and introductions from friends. I created profiles on a lot of online dating sites.

The world of online dating has become incredibly rampant throughout the world.

Your profile will play an instrumental role in attracting likeminded women on your chat room.

I had more dates in a month in the US than I would in a decade in Australia. As a fat girl I never had dates while living in Australia – but as soon as I moved to Los Angeles everything changed. Guys literally chased me out of bars just to speak to me (one of those encounters even turned into a three year relationship.) I was single, ready to flamingle and life in Hollywood was amazing and everything you’d imagine. Which is why I packed up, sold everything, gave up my radio hosting job and moved to Los Angeles with nothing but a suitcase.

My plus size blog Big Curvy Love was kicking along, I was working in podcasting, rocking fabulous fashion and for once in my life finally felt like a legit part of the deep end of the dating pool. I was exactly the same person; same personality, same looks, and same weight.

” Aussie accents is up there with British and South American as one of the most likable in the world.

It sounds British (because history) without the ultra-formal and posh tone.

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