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We are on DB2 Version 8 for z/OS ______________________________________________________________________ * IDUG 2009 Rome, Italy * 5-9 October * ORG/Events * ______________________________________________________________________ was recently updated requiring members to use a new password.If your code updates all map collections this way, it generates many tombstones, which may slow the system down.The examples above use map collections, but the same caution applies to updating sets.You should have gotten an e-mail with the temporary password assigned to your account. If you are not already an member, please register at * IDUG 2009 Denver, CO, USA * May 11-15, 2009 * You should have gotten an e-mail with the temporary password assigned to your account. The exception is if the foreign keys are configured as “deferred until commit” (a feature some databases support) and if the identifiers were populated manually (again essentially bypassing .

We had a requirement to develop a functionality such that Whenever orders are manually entered, and the customer material is required to appear on the sales order, CMIR and MD (when working together) does not always retrieve the customer material properly.

In addition, you can delete a column's TTL by setting its Update a row in a table with a complex primary key: To do this, specify all keys in a table having compound and clustering columns.

For example, update the value of a column in a table having a compound primary key, userid and url: UPDATE excelsior.clicks USING TTL 432000 SET user_name = 'bob' WHERE userid=cfd66ccc-d857-4e90-b1e5-df98a3d40cd6 AND url=' UPDATE Movies SET col1 = val1, col2 = val2 WHERE movie ID = key1; UPDATE Movies SET col3 = val3 WHERE movie ID IN (key1, key2, key3); UPDATE Movies SET col4 = 22 WHERE movie ID = key4; These two statements seem to do the same thing.

So we need to make an Enhancement of VB12, VD52 so that whenever the substitute material in material determination(VB11/VB12) is changed, the corresponding material in the CMIR record (VD52) is also changed automatically.

This will ensure that whenever a material is entered on the sales order, the link to the customer material is maintained.

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Technically, a database that uses sequences such as Postgre SQL or Oracle can INSERT the row at once using a previously generated value, but databases which rely upon autoincrement-style primary key identifiers cannot. In the second case, the “widget” row must be inserted before any referring “entry” rows, but then the “favorite_entry_id” column of that “widget” row cannot be set until the “entry” rows have been generated.

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